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Welcome to the website of the Gemeinde Seeheim-Jugenheim. Thank you very much for visiting our website.

If you would like the individual pages displayed to be translated into your native language or any other language, please proceed as follows on each page.

  • To start please open the page you want to be translated in the Google Chrome browser
  • Please click on the translation symbol in the upper right corner of the browser




  • Select one of the languages that have already been suggested, or please select the first option "Select another language" (Andere Sprache auswählen)






If you use a different browser, you can either install an Add-In or proceed as follows:

  • Please go to the following Webpage:
  • On the left in the field, please enter the complete link to the website of the community Seeheim-Jugenheim.
  • Select the desired language in the top right.
  • Now please click on the link in the field on the right:


The page will then be translated for you.


Ease of Access Settings:

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In the Microsoft operating system you find it under “Settings” (Einstellungen) - “Ease of Access” (Erleichterte Bedienung).

For Mac, please select the System Settings (Systemeinstellungen) in the Apple menu and activate the Accessibility Features (Bedienungshilfen) or the functions you need.

It is also possible to enlarge the website at any time using the browser settings. For example here in Google Chrome: